CWB Magazine News | Lazy Francis | Izdevumā nr.92 2015.gada janvāris un februāris

CWB Magazine savā 2015.gada Janvāra/Februāra numurā raksta par Lazy Francis jaunumiem, kas sagaidāmi 2015. gada Rudens/Ziemas kolekcijā.

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  • Fantine

    Sonic Colors may have had some really bad kiddie jokes, but I enjoyed the lighthearted story, Eggman’s hilarious PA’s and the way Tails and Sonic interacted with each other. I’m so damn sick of the &#2&02;edgy8#8221; Sonic stories of the past like Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Adventure 2. Sonic’s a cartoon hedgehog, not Batman. He should not be so dark.