BCK Magazine | 2015 special | Izdevums nr.9

Burvīgās dāmas Sally un Violet ir satriecoši skaistas Lazy Francis kleitās un izskatās lieliski uz Big City Kids Magazine vāka.

Modeles, aktrises un māsas Violet(pa labi) un Sally(pa kreisi) Lux no Kalifornijas, Lazy Francis  kleitās mirdz kā īstas zvaigznes.


  • Roby

    It’s about time soneome wrote about this.

  • Suevonne

    Not to seem to sour, but First off he is a rebcpliuan, and last off he is a republican and a big friend to corporates, plus said he would be voting for Amendment ONE . I seriously doubt he will be a friend to our community. More likely he will use the bigot voters. I may be being cynical but not as cynical as the sobs that put amdmt one up for a vote anyway. So hwere we go 4 more years of teahadist bs.